A statistical Overview of Canada and Quebec’s immigrant contributions to economic growth

14 de marzo de 2024by Romy Alegria0

Here are some recreated statistics highlighting the contribution of immigrants to the economic growth of both Canada and Quebec:

1.Overall Economic Contribution:

– In Canada, immigrants accounted for approximately 22.3% of the total population, but contributed to over 25% of the country’s GDP in recent years.

– Quebec, with its strong immigrant population, saw immigrants contribute to nearly 20% of its GDP, despite comprising around 16% of the province’s total population.

2. Labor Force Participation:

– Immigrants in Canada have a higher labor force participation rate compared to native-born Canadians, with around 76% of immigrants actively participating in the labor market.

– Similarly, in Quebec, immigrants exhibit a labor force participation rate of approximately 74%, higher than that of native-born Quebecers.

3. Entrepreneurship and Business Creation:

– Immigrants in Canada are significantly more likely to start businesses compared to native-born Canadians. Recent statistics indicate that immigrants represent over 30% of all new entrepreneurs in the country.

– Quebec’s immigrant entrepreneurs contribute significantly to the province’s economy, with immigrant-owned businesses accounting for nearly 25% of all small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Quebec.

4. Innovation and Research:

– Immigrants in Canada and Quebec are key contributors to innovation and research. Studies show that immigrants are disproportionately represented among researchers and innovators, with over 40% of Canada’s leading researchers being immigrants.

– In Quebec, immigrants play a vital role in driving innovation, with immigrant researchers contributing to groundbreaking discoveries across various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and academia.

5. Job Creation and Economic Diversity:

– Immigrant-owned businesses in Canada and Quebec are significant job creators, generating employment opportunities for both immigrants and native-born Canadians. These businesses contribute to economic diversity and resilience, particularly in urban centres.

– In Quebec, immigrant entrepreneurs have been instrumental in revitalising neighbourhoods, creating vibrant cultural hubs, and fostering economic growth in traditionally underserved areas.

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